Zimbabwe is the southern African country enriched with the raw materials like platinum, gold, coal, copper, nickel, diamonds, and therefore is widely involved in the manufacturing of the same. Further, agriculture is also a good source of economy in Zimbabwe and earning notably amount through commercial farming of manifold crops like tobacco, coffee, cotton, peanuts, fruits, etc. Other than, the forests are overspread in more than half of the area of the country. To make the forestry residue and agricultural residue into usable bio fuel in the industries, we present a standardized range of the biomass briquetting plant, a machine that is use residues to produce top grade biomass briquettes. These biomass briquettes can be used in the industries as well as cooking as fuel and thusly reduce your dependency on the fossil fuel, which are costlier and damaging nature causing air pollution. Our experience in the manufacturing and adherence to set quality standards makes our range of the biomass briquetting plant an ideal alternative in many countries, which is also accessible in Zimbabwe at the most competitive rates.


Rank Country Forested Area (km2) % of Land Area
25 Zimbabwe 259267 66.35%