Zambia is a one of the African country that is well known for the forests, parks and safari areas, almost half of the area Zambia is laden with the forests. The country secures second rank for producing largest copper after DR Congo, which also projecting to augment the production of the steel. The industries of Zambia indulged in the production of copper and steel can make the best from the residue of the forests and use as the fuel required in the manufacturing of thereof. We are reputed manufacturer of the biomass briquetting plant worldwide, come to your niche to introduce green technology that converts forest residue in high quality biomass briquettes that can be used as the fuel in the industries and thusly reduce the cost of the manufacturing, use of the fossil fuel and also the air pollution caused by the burning of the fossil fuels. The high quality, low maintenance, standards compliance and ability to continually perform at the best has made our gamut of the biomass briquetting plant favorable all across that guarantee for delivering world class quality briquettes throughout the life span, available in the assorted specification in Zambia.

Rank Country Forested Area (km2) % of Land Area
20 Zambia 376309 50.00%