Seychelles located in the east Africa, is top on the edge while it comes to the forest area, and hence a huge source of the forest residue, which is a fruitless from a Seychelles people’ perspective, can be turned into the valuable bio fuel by means of the biomass briquetting plant. We are the manufacturer of such a biomass briquetting plant, specifically designed to process the forest residue or agricultural residue and turn it into the square bricks known as the biomass briquettes. Well defined engineering and conformity to high standard guarantees about the machine performance and reliability measure. Further, the ingenious design of the machine does not cause air pollution during the manufacturing of the briquettes. The biomass briquettes produced by this biomass briquetting plant shares considerable calorific value that is a measure of its quality and attribute makes it a great substitute for coal that do not add to the pollution in the Seychelles, unlikely to coal and other fossil fuels. We always work on the cost factor of this biomass briquetting plant and ensure to propose at the lowest possible rates that people of Seychelles can access in wide range of specification.

Biomass briquetting plant
Rank Country Forested Area (km2) % of Land Area
168 Seychelles 407 89.45%