Russia is the country that not only secures its first rank for the largest country in the world, but also for the largest forest area in the world. Surprisingly, the forest area of Russia is almost equivalent to the entire Australian continent. This forest and its residue after harvesting like branches, foliage, and roots can be a major source of bio fuel and to convert this in the bio fuel what you need is a biomass briquetting plant that processes the forestry residues and convert into the exemplary quality biomass briquettes. We are a manufacturer of the biomass briquetting plant, celebrated in the different countries for delivering the best in class quality biomass briquetting plant at the best possible rates, now introducing in the Russia too. The state of the art technology and the backing of the extensive experience in the allied segment promotes us to all time come with the revolution in the biomass briquetting plant that ultimately increase production of the biomass briquettes at lower cost and deliver nothing but the top grade quality biomass briquettes with considerable value of the calorific that determines the quality of the biomass briquettes and its strength. The people of Russia use it for cooking purpose as well as industrial level and also can make money from our biomass briquetting plant at the best, accessible in standard range as well as customized range.

Rank Country Forested Area (km2) % of Land Area
1 Russia 7,762,602 45.40%