Equatorial Guinea is central African countries, enriched with plentiful forests and islands, facing economic recession due to a decline in oil revenues, which has been not only caused by the fall in the oil prices, but also a huge decline in the production of the same, apparently indicates the declining level of fossil fuels in the world. To this point, biomass briquetting plant can be the ingenious approach to produce the biofuel and replace fossil fuels with thereof. We are a manufacturer of the biomass briquetting plant, introducing an extensive range in Equatorial Guinea, where forests are no wonder. This biomass briquetting plant converts forest residue in the valued biomass briquettes that can be used as the fuel in different applications to produce heat. Our biomass briquetting plant is designed to produce high quality briquettes at low power consumption, which is an extra perk for the end user of Equatorial Guinea that they can reap by availing our proffered range.


Rank Country Forested Area (km2) % of Land Area
115 Equatorial Guinea 16320 58.18%