China is one of the largest countries by area and also by forest; however, the forested area china holds is considerably lower than others country, is adequate enough to make in use and produce the biofuel to propose Eco friendly alternative to produce heat for industrial purpose or cooking. We are India’s top leading manufacturer of the biomass briquetting plant, renowned worldwide for delivering cost effective way to produce heat by means of the biomass briquetting plant. The use of top of the line technology and pinpoint accuracy in construction makes our range of the biomass briquetting plant competent to produce top quality biomass briquettes at low cost. The incorporation of the both also imparts proficiency to the machine to produce world class quality of the biomass briquettes of the high calorific value. This influential feature of our biomass briquetting plant has already created a strong niche in the market of china, and the Eco friendly factor has made it widely accepted in China, a country that is struggling with the air pollution, available in multifarious dimensions.

Rank Country Forested Area (km2) % of Land Area
5 China 1,821,000 18.21%