Brazil is one of the top ten countries having significant forested area, and the figures mentioned above exhibits that the covered area with forest is even larger than India. This affluence of the Brazil can be a worthwhile by using its forestry residue to produce biomass briquettes and making its use in the industries, which is one of the largest sector on which Brazil rely upon. We are the manufacturer of the biomass briquetting plant, which has gained prominent fame worldwide for its low investment and high return benefit. The simple design and robust construction makes it the one time investment to produce the supreme quality biomass briquettes sharing high calorific value, almost equivalent to the fossil fuels. This biomass briquetting plant we have made available in the Brazil to promote the locals to use Eco friendly and low cost source of the fuel and increase the overall profitability, accessible in the miscellaneous specification as well as tailor made engineering at the rates that no other can deliver.


Rank Country Forested Area (km2) % of Land Area
2 Brazil 4,776,980 56.10%