Biomass Briquette Production From Green Waste

Increasing pollution, depleting ozone coating, corrupting health, and race for carbon credits if these are your apprehension you are at the right website with right populace. Briquettes have a stable quality, have high burning efficiency, and are supremely sized for complete combustion. The biomass briquetting plant is totally eco-friendly. Briquettes created from briquetting plant are good substitute for coal and lignite. The biomass briquetting is mostly used where cooking fuel is not easily available.   It is the substitute of fossil fuel.


Green Waste SolutionsIndian situation offer wide range of possible among the  non-conventional forms of energy similar to agricultural, industrial waste and civic solid waste. Biomass briquetting plant is made from the agriculture and forestry wastages. The process of making briquettes is convenient and pollution-free.  The developed procedure of bio-coal involves a variety of stages. In first stage waste fabric is tested for their chemical masterpiece in order to decide their appropriateness. The raw material is always the beginning of each value chain for processed products.

Briquettes are in an ideal world available in the size 9-35 mm in diameter and 29 to 47 mm in length. The briquettes shaped and size is mostly depend on the customers requirement. The Briquetting machine can be set to generate the processed waste materials either in pellet form or into briquettes. Briquettes produced from briquetting plant are good substitute for cal and lignite.

Raw Materials Calorific Values

Raw Material  Calorific Values  Value
Groundnut shell 4524 k 3.80
Baggasse 4385 k 1.81
Castor seed Shel 3855 k 7.98
Saw dust briquette 3900 k 8.22
Cotton Stalks / chips 4255 k 3.21
Bamboo dust 4167 k 8.01
Wood chips 4780 k 1.23
Rice husk 3210 k 21.25
Forestry waste 2998 k 7.74
Sugarcane 3998 k 5.00